Affiliate Program Terms 

Affiliate Program Terms – iVirtual Experts Services, LLC.

We’re pleased that you want to help change lives by promoting iVirtual Experts Services programs and services. Please read the following terms of our Affiliate Program carefully.

Affiliate Application and Login

All applications for our affiliate program should be submitted through Please provide as much information as possible on how you will be promoting iVirtual Experts Services programs and services.

Once your application is submitted, we will review it and you will receive an email to inform you if you are accepted as an affiliate partner along with your login credentials.

You can access your Affiliate Links, review your commissions earned, number of visitors that used your links as well as amounts paid to you through the Affiliate Area at


Commissions are earned on referrals within 180 days of a visitor using your affiliate link and making a purchase of any affiliate product.

The commission is calculated as 10% of the purchase price paid and collected from the client, net of taxes and shipping if applicable. No commission is earned on refunded amounts.

Payment Schedule

Commissions are payable quarterly within 14 days of the month following each calendar quarter end. Commissions are only payable for amounts paid and collected from referred clients.

For example, commissions for the period of January 1 to March 31 is payable by April 14. Commissions for the period of April 1 to June 30 is payable by July 14.

Payment Method

Commission are payable by Paypal. We will require your payee information to provide you with your commission payment. The Paypal transaction fees, when applicable, will be deducted from your commission payment.


Affiliate Partners Referring an Identical Visitor

If 2 affiliate partners refer the same visitor, the commission is payable to the referral partner whose referral link was first used. For example, if Bob clicks on the referral link of Partner A, 10 days later Bob clicks on the referral link of Partner B and 20 days later a Bob purchases [our products or services], then Partner A will receive the commission.


By applying and participating in the Affiliate Program of iVirtual Experts Services, you consent to the terms of the Affiliate Program herein. If we make changes to our terms, we will post those changes on this page. Please review this page frequently to remain up-to-date with the terms of the Affiliate Program. You must review these terms and relevant updates carefully to make sure you understand our policies regarding the Affiliate Program.